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Google To Ban All Advertisements on “Climate Denial” Content

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It would appear that Electroverse’s advertising days are numbered… again.

Google has announced that it will soon prohibit all advertising on content that “contradicts well-established scientific consensus around the existence and causes of climate change” — in other words, the platform is shutting down scientific debate in order to appease its totalitarian backers.

On the face of it, this is something of a surprising move as it will hurt Google’s profits (climate denial is a hot topic). But as we’ve previously discussed, for a totalitarian regime to be successful power & control will need to take precedence over everything else: this includes the truth, the health of the economy, and the happiness of the people — we see this playing out in China right now with the CCP’s tech and financial crackdown.

Google’s advertisement ban, which will be implemented next month, targets “content referring to climate change as a hoax or a scam, claims denying that long-term trends show the global climate is warming, and claims denying that greenhouse gas emissions or human activity contribute to climate change.”

I think Electroverse might just fit the bill:

Also, where does this announcement place the views of climate scientists such as Dr. Willie Soon?

Google says it will ban ads that promote “climate denial” content, too. 

“In recent years we’ve heard directly from a growing number of our advertising and publisher partners who have expressed concerns about ads that run alongside or promote inaccurate claims about climate change,” Google wrote in a statement.

Enforcement of the new rule will include a combination of both human review and automated tools, Google added, noting it consulted experts from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Assessment Reports and other “authoritative sources” when creating the policy.


We’re screwed!

A healthy debate is the backbone of scientific discovery — if you shutdown discussion, you’re taking the truth down with it.

Modern science has a very basic understanding of our planet’s climate system, and currently disregards many of the powerful forcings involved: according to our controlling elites, CO2 is the only forcing that matters, and with humans considered the sole emitters of said trace gas, this gives them the license to implement whatever policy they see fit: “the fate of the world is at stake,” after all.

This is, frankly, a terrifying position they’ve worked for themselves. And as of next month, anyone contradicting their version of the truth risks losing their advertising and, in many cases, their livelihood.

We’re fast-descending into a Totalitarian nightmare, and very few seem to recognize it, or care. Worse still, the brainwashed masses are actually applauding Goggle’s latest announcement:

“Heil Google!

The number of conspiracy theories over the past 18-or-so months that have turned out to be factual shows the necessity for open debate. Yes, occasionally you’ll run into the bathroom-wall scribblings of a crazy person, but far be it from Google to be the arbiters of truth, particularly on subjects of science.

Electroverse recently lost its advertising after I suggested COVID may have originated from the Wuhan Lab — a theory everyone and their dog is now discussing due to the sheer weight of evidence behind it. One positive of the pandemic debacle was the opening of the door to some of modern society’s secretive and shady backdoor dealings. But on the flip-side, the negative is that the authoritarians are now forcibly slamming that door shut again by increasingly totalitarian means.

The key question is, how many other truths are currently being concealed?

Stand up.

EVERYTHING is at stake here.

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