Det finnes ingen klimakrise!
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Einar R. Bordewich

Video blogger Tom Nelson fikk sine notater om klima på slettet!

Støtt vårt arbeid mot klimahysterisk propaganda!

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Med tillatelse fra Tom Nelson gjengir vi her bloggen fra Nelson som ble slettet av bloggsystemet for brudd på deres retningslinjer. Hans notater er en samling av referanser og linker til andre klima-realistiske nettsider med informasjon og faktaopplysninger.

Derfor er den en side med mye nyttig og viktig informasjon som viser bredden og omfanget av forskere som går i mot EU, FN og IPCC sitt narrativ om at vi har en klimakrise.

Nedenfor gjengis hans blogg som ble slettet i sin helhet:

Some background info about me is here. Some things I believe are here.

Big picture stuff: Climate scam believers typically embrace several key assumptions:

  1. The Earth is currently too hot.
  2. We are experiencing a «climate crisis».
  3. The weather is getting worse.
  4. CO2 is the climate control knob.
  5. Climate science is «basic physics».
  6. Almost all «experts» believe in items 1-5 above.

Every one of those assumptions is wrong. The average person is perfectly capable of becoming a well-informed climate skeptic; there is absolutely no need to defer to the alleged judgment of «experts».


Lots of good climate realist sites are here.

Lots of good graphs in this Willis Eschenbach post: Where is the climate emergency?

Excellent resource here: «Why Everyone Should Be A Climate Skeptic«

Good piece by Richard Lindzen here.

Hundreds More Papers Published In 2021 Support A Skeptical Position On Climate Alarm

Over 400 Scientific Papers Published In 2020 Support A Skeptical Position On Climate Alarm

«Consensus? 200+ New 2019 Papers Support A Skeptical Position On Climate Alarmism»

No consensus: Only 0.3% of 11,944 climate papers from 1991-2011 found >50% of post 1950-warming anthropogenic.

Here are 1,500 peer-reviewed skeptical scientific papers published between 2016 and 2018 alone.

Crop yields are way up.

Wildfires are way down.

Polar bear population is way up (by a factor of 4-6 since the 1960s).

According to the IPCC, hurricanes are decreasing.

About 10,000 years ago there wasn’t much ice in the Arctic. It’s only in the last 1000 years that we’ve seen this coverage of ice that persists significantly through the summer time»

IPCC says this about floods: «overall low confidence at global scale regarding EVEN SIGN of these changes»

Large number of peer-reviewed non-hockey-sticks here; keep scrolling

Climate models have been running *much* warmer than reality.

Medieval Warm Period Project site here contains a lot of detailed information about peer-reviewed papers finding that the period was warmer than the current period.

See ClimateGate «outed emails» here.

Extremely important warmist technique: Smooth out the fluctuations of climate in the past, leave in just the last one, then claim that the last fluctuation *must* have been caused by humans since it’s abrupt!

Global Warming Petition Project: 31,487 American scientists (9,029 with PhDs) signed this strongly-worded skeptical statement.

Good Twitter follows include @SteveSGoddard @wattsupwiththat @curryja @BigJoeBastardi @ClimateDepot @JunkScience @ClimateAudit @EcoSenseNow @NoTricksZone @RogerAPielkeSr @JamesDelingpole @sjc_pbs @JoanneNova

Good skeptic sites include: Watts Up With ThatClimate DepotNoTricksZoneClimate Etc.; Not A Lot of People Know That

‘Einstein’s successor’ Freeman Dyson is a climate skeptic. See interesting climate quotes from him here.

complete list of things caused by global warming

NASA GISS: Global average temperature «may easily be anywhere between 56 and 58°F«

On sea level rise:
NASA: «global mean sea level has risen by 8 inches..since 1870«

Seas have risen naturally ~400 feet in the last ~20k years.

Second-century Roman port now two miles inland

Trying to prevent imaginary CO2-induced bad weather leads to bad energy choices, and bad energy choices can kill: African clinic’s solar panels power lights OR fridge; not both
About CO2:
Maybe 3-4 volumes of CO2 «pollution» are deliberately injected into each can of your Coke!

People burn gas/propane in greenhouses to RAISE CO2 to ~1500 ppm

We all exhale ~40,000 ppm CO2.
Odd: Everyplace is allegedly warming much faster than everyplace else

We’re not supposed to confuse weather and climate, but lots of warmists have claimed that we can see climate out of our windows.

Top 10 most convincing CAGW arguments

Warmist climate scientist time budget

Until U can tell me exactly what caused Minoan/Roman/Medieval warm periods, Dark Ages/Little Ice Age cooling, early 20th cent. warming, & mid-20th cent. cooling, I refuse to believe U understand natural variability enough to rule it out as the #1 post-1970s warming cause.

Good question to ask alarmists when they tout any climate change solution: How much global cooling (deg C by 2050) do we allegedly get, and why should we want global cooling?

I started out as a casual believer in AGW, then became more and more skeptical as I dug into the alleged evidence for myself.

Many climate skeptics have followed a similar path.

I don’t see warmism as a conspiracy–it’s mostly groupthink mixed w. plenty of foolishness & some outright fraud.

I’ve communicated w. lots of warmist scientists & the vast majority clearly have just taken it on faith that CO2 is the climate control knob.

Important video from Prof. Carl-Otto Weiss in 2015: «The climate change is due to natural cycles».

A treasure trove of Heartland climate conference videos is here.

A fabulous list of climate realist books is at Watts Up With That here.

I highly recommend Alex Epstein’s book «The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels».

One of my favorite climate skeptic books is Marc Morano’s «The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change«; I posted a lot of key excerpts here.

I also like Morano’s «Green Fraud» book; more key excerpts here

I highly recommend Gregory Wrightstone’s «Inconvenient Facts» book and smartphone app.




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